Why Reviews Are Important: Even the bad ones

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Why Reviews Are Important: Even the bad ones

Customers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other kind of online marketing and advertising. When these personal recommendations aren’t available, they turn to online customer reviews – making them more important than ever.

According to HubSpot, 60% of consumers believe customer reviews are either trustworthy or highly trustworthy. Businesses with a high number of positive reviews have a greater chance of influencing a client’s purchasing choice. Recent changes to the Google review system also mean that too much glowing feedback and too many 5-star reviews can harm your ranking. The idea is that no one is perfect, so bad reviews are an indicator that the business is authentic and hasn’t purchased positive reviews.

Regardless, getting your loyal customers to give legitimate feedback about your products will:

  • Persuade others to follow their lead.
  • Supply other consumers with reliable information about your brand.
  • Boost your company’s Google rating.
  • Increase website traffic.

Here’s how you can get more reviews.

Ask your customers

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, and don’t sit around waiting for them to come to you! After a purchase, automated emails can be used to invite customers to review and paid adverts can target customers to ask for feedback.

Make things simple for them

Getting to know your customers is the first step in making it easy to post reviews. Which method of communication do they prefer? Is it more appropriate to send them an email, a text message, or a link to your Facebook or Google review section? You can review existing communication with your customers to determine this. Consumers are unlikely to go out of their way to post a review, make sure a link is provided so they can quickly tell the world about their outstanding experience with you.

Choose the time correctly

It’s vital to ask your clients for reviews at the appropriate time, preferably shortly after receiving products or using services. Contacting clients too late or too early is a significant blunder. Experiment with timing, tone, and messaging to find what works best for your audience. Then, you can build an automated program based on the results.

Provide incentives

Encourage customers to post reviews through offering points, coupons, or discounts if you have a customer loyalty program. Customer appreciation isn’t the same as paying for reviews, which is highly unethical.

You can also highlight positive reviews on social media and make them available on your website as testimonials. This may boost the reviewer’s ego and inspire others to want to be in the same spotlight.

Respond to ALL reviews

Some businesses avoid asking for input because they’re afraid of receiving unfavourable comments. On the other hand, negative feedback isn’t the end of the world; customers want brands to listen to their problems and respond with solutions when appropriate.

Responding to all reviews, positive and negative, encourages individuals to leave reviews by showing that your business reads and considers the feedback. Customers can see that their feedback is not lost in cyberspace and that your business is aware of the issue and is trying to resolve it.

Reviews can be scary

If you’ve not opened your business to the world of reviews and ratings, it’s okay to be a little hesitant. It can be frightening to open yourself up to the public’s judgment.

The reality is that you can’t stop the public from reviewing you. Likely, your happy and not-so-happy customers are doing it on Google, Facebook and other forums already.

So dive in, open yourself up a little and get some feedback that you can work with, learn and improve from.

Dante is an expert in traditional and digital marketing. He is one of our Digital Solutions program advisors and specified entrepreneurship facilitators for our EFS program in Darwin.

Want to learn more about reviews? Book in for a free 15-minute consultation with Dante here.

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