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“I’m a yoga teacher. My business came about by being passionate about yoga myself. Then going away and leaving my little country hometown out in Central Western Queensland, moving to the Sunshine Coast and meeting my amazing mentor and teacher. She encouraged me to go through the teacher training and come back here and teach yoga. My passion has grown to share it and create community. From wanting to develop community I realised that I wanted to develop it into a business and take it further.” Kelly Corbishley owns and runs Little Gem Yoga, teaching classes in Emerald and Sapphire, Queensland.

Liam Fahey

Liam Fahey, Social Media Marketing

13 December 2022

Kelly joined the Digital Solutions program when she needed help building the online presence of her business to reach new clients. “My challenge was not being very savvy with social media, and that’s where a lot of my new clients come from. I had an understanding that to grow my business and to work smarter not harder, I needed to tap into social media, especially Facebook marketing. I came across the program and instantly saw value. A $44 commitment for 7 hours of mentoring, it was a no brainer.”

Kelly’s goals for the program included reaching more customers online, as well as learning how to better use Google Business Profile and Facebook marketing. She was paired with advisor Liam Fahey, a social media marketing expert, and attended one-to-one sessions. “Liam makes you feel comfortable in his presence. He had a lot of amazing ideas and was very quick to think. He came up with great little solutions for me to work towards to reach my goals.”

Kelly’s favourite part of the program was implementing the changes she workshopped with Liam during their one-to-one sessions. “I got to be a little bit creative and have a play around. It was almost like permission to create time for myself because I had this homework to do, to get it done and to see the results.”

Working with Liam has also changed how Kelly creates digital marketing content. “I think more about my Facebook posts and try to target people in a more creative way. To get them to look at my posts, come to my classes, or to get them a step closer to my classes — to reach out and contact me. It’s put me out of my comfort zone a bit. I’ve invested in some equipment and put myself behind the camera so they can actually connect with me.”

The results of these changes are clear. Kelly reflects, “I’ve doubled my class sizes. Rather than having to put on more time slots, and I’m very time poor, I’ve been able to get more people attending my current classes. I’m reaching more customers and people that I’ve never met before within a small town, it’s been fantastic.”

Kelly also plans to keep learning about Google Business Profile following the program. “There’s access to the workshops and webinars so I can go back, refresh and learn more.”

Reflecting on her Digital Solutions experience, Kelly says, “I would tell people to go ahead and do it. Be open to suggestions, ideas or different things you can implement and try. Just give it a go, don’t go in with any preconceived ideas about what the outcome will be.”

Interested in the Digital Solutions program for your business? Book a free 15-minute consultation with Liam.

Liam Fahey

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Liam Fahey

Liam specialises in organic content creation and has been producing content for social media marketing for over 14 years.

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