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“My business started around 2019. It was the quiet time of lockdown and COVID. At the time, before starting photography, I was doing a travel journalism certificate. I completed that and wanted to find out what else challenged me. I’ve always wanted a creative outlet, but never figured it out. I thought why not go with photography as it’s always been an unvisited interest, and I haven’t really stopped since.

“I’ve recently adapted to lifestyle photography. What I want from my photos is different from what other people are giving to their clients. That’s the angle I’m going for, to put my own vision in the photos as well as achieving the outcome the client wants. I want my own artform, to be a brand – Scene It Photography.”

Sandra Tricoli

Sandra Tricoli, Public Relations

13 December 2022

Levi Saunders owns and runs Scene It Photography in Perth, Western Australia. He found out about the Digital Solutions program through advisor Sandra Tricoli, a public relations expert. “I met Sandra through one of her previous clients who’s one of my good mates – he’s a videographer. From the word go, there was confidence between us, Sandra understood what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. She then introduced me to Digital Solutions which has helped me learn where I want my career to lead to. Sandra made me feel understood and heard in our conversations. She helped me to build my courage from the first time I met her to the last.”

Through their one-to-one sessions, Sandra helped Levi create strategies to promote his business. “We focused on my weaknesses, which was getting the business name out there. That’s where she assisted branding my business to be presentable, to make sure I’m getting in touch with the right people straight away instead of having to bounce off walls. She’s really fine-tuned my thought process; it’s made Scene It a much more streamlined cause of action. It’s simple, but I’ve still got to put the work in which is the answer for everything.”

Since completing the Digital Solutions program, Levi has connected with new clients. “I’ve done work for the Australian Paralympic Volleyball team, which I’m actually in as well. So that was kind of a perfect place, perfect time for that and to also do work with them. I’ve got a meeting with a local artist, and a lady in Sydney has emailed me for a collaboration.”

Reflecting on his experience, Levi says, “Be open minded, confident, know what you want, where you sit in the business world and have the urge to get better. If you don’t have that, it’ll be a lot more difficult.”

What’s next for Levi’s business? “My next goal for Scene It Photography is to take it to the next level no matter what it is, if I do sports, corporate, headshots, I wouldn’t mind doing events again. I want to have a well-rounded skill set and individualise myself so I’m not a one-trick pony. I’m going to be travelling. I want to make Scene It an international business.

Wait and see.”

Interested in the Digital Solutions program for your business? Learn more about it here.

Sandra Tricoli

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Sandra Tricoli

Sandra assists business owners to grow their business by providing skills, knowledge and experience across marketing, business planning and financial management.

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