Eli Mccann

I am Eli and I’ve been working with Ricky Clark for the last few months as a small business owner. I really appreciate the information and guidance that he has given me towards creating reasonable goals for my digital platforms. He was very knowledgeable and patient even towards me as I have a bit of trouble understanding and learning at times as I have a disability. I feel that with his help I have built a website that I can use and I now understand the basic components of the software used in this area.

Ricky Clark

Ricky Clark, Ecommerce Marketing

30 September 2022

Small Business Advisory Perth | Business Station
Ricky Clark

ABOUT THE Ecommerce Marketing

Ricky Clark

Ricky Clark is a digital marketer with 10+ years of experience working with small business and has specialist skills in SEO, Advertising and Ecommerce.

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