Elizabeth Tekanyo

Tristan was hands down the best advisor our founder team could have asked for. First and foremost, he has a brilliant mind. Tristan is direct, but kind, strategic and provides tangible solutions with a wide network of contact referrals, resources and ideas. No matter where you are at in your business journey, Tristan can provide the important insight that you didn’t know you needed. 10/10 recommend Tristan for any and all of your BD needs.

Tristan Senycia

Tristan Senycia, Business Modelling

30 September 2022

Small Business Advisory Perth | Business Station

Ricky was able to recommend workshops that were aimed at achieving our intended goals. Ashleigh also appreciated being able to access the workshops online. The format was great for my schedule, I loved being able to join a Zoom meeting throughout the day and take notes at my own pace. It’s a great initiative and has developed my skills both personally and professionally.

Tristan Senycia

ABOUT THE Business Modelling

Tristan Senycia

Tristan is a highly resourceful and purpose-driven General Business Advisor & Product Strategist serving South East Queensland

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