Home Design for Profit

Based in Perth, Home Design for Profit is an interior design company providing Australians with customised home improvement, design, and styling services.

13 December 2022

The Digital Solutions program helped owner Catherine Maull with the changes she needed for her website, allowing her to access and gain control over it.

On how Digital Solutions has helped her to achieve her goals, Catherine says: “Through the program, I gained the knowledge I needed to fix the website issues I was facing and am in the process of implementing everything I have learned.”

“During our one-on-one sessions, not only did my advisor Jo Minney help me to make changes and gain access to my website, but she also explained things in an easy way to help me learn and do things myself” Catherine said of her experience working with her Digital Solutions advisor.

“What I like most about using the Digital Solutions program is that it’s easily accessible and at a reasonable rate for small business owners” Catherine said.

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