Neilson Eyecare

Neilson Eyecare is a local Toowoomba optometry business owned and run by Megan Neilson and her husband David. Their practice delivers personalised care for patients, providing high quality eye care that addresses each person’s unique vision needs.

About the presenter-Leisa

Leisa Clark, Digital Solutions Advisor

13 December 2022

Megan knew her digital marketing platforms needed guidance and structure to succeed. That led to her signing up to the Digital Solutions program.

Her main challenge? “Not knowing exactly what to do, when. We already had Facebook, Instagram, a Google Business Profile, print media and a lot of videos. We didn’t have a strategy for how we used it.” Through the program, Megan had an advisor review the existing digital assets, including the website, and learned how they could be optimised to achieve her goals.

Megan was paired with Leisa Clark, a branding and web design expert and attended in person one-on-one sessions. “The advice we received from Leisa was invaluable. With her fresh pair of eyes and talent she quickly determined where we were with our digital marketing and made many suggestions for improvements. The advice was very practical and everything she suggested we were able to do ourselves.”

“Website improvements we made included adding FAQs (frequently asked questions), improving the SEO by adding a blurb and photos of our products and services, simplifying our home page and creating a blog with free resources which we re-purpose for LinkedIn.”

Leisa was also able to provide guidance for social media best practices and strategy. “She helped to fix our Facebook Ads account and pixel and introduced us to the powers of a social media scheduling tool called Publer. She provided guidance on which social media platforms we should be using and for what purpose, and how to write content that would connect us with our patients. We adopted 100% of the suggestions she made.”

“Leisa gave us the clarity to understand that our website is our central hub for information and everything else hangs off it. By answering questions patients are asking through our website, we can make engaging content as well as improve our SEO. This has already reaped rewards by achieving Page 1 on Google search and significantly increasing our Facebook likes. She also gave us the tools to create and distribute a press release.”

Megan also attended workshops presented by Leisa and other Digital Solutions advisors Nury Barros and Susannah Birch. “They are the best digital marketing workshops I have been to. Leisa, Nury and Susannah are very generous with their knowledge and time. The workshops are fun, encouraging, interactive and accompanied by great resources so that we could implement our new knowledge immediately.”

Interested in the Digital Solutions program? Find out how it can help your business.

About the presenter-Leisa

ABOUT THE Digital Solutions Advisor

Leisa Clark

Leisa Clark is a Digital Solutions Advisor and Insight expert. He is one of our Digital Solutions advisors.

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