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“I previously completed the New Enterprise Incentive scheme when it first started many years ago. I was a children’s art lesson provider and I worked all around Perth. I decided that I wanted to go into small business because I am more of a one-to-one person, but I didn’t know where to start. It was a privilege to have this scheme and receive mentorship, and I worked hard to get through it.”

Renee Dembowski

Renee Dembowski, Social Media

13 December 2022

Natasha Stone is a clinical hypnotherapist and strategic psychotherapist who owns and runs Shine Therapies in Scarborough, Western Australia. She joined the Digital Solutions program when she wanted to improve her business’ digital marketing, including Facebook, Instagram and SEO.

“I wanted the quality of life of working for myself in terms of having some autonomy about the way I ran my business, what sort of income I earnt and what my hours were. My previous work became untenable for me and I’ve moved into the mindfulness and mental health area because it’s what I’m passionate about.”

Through the program Natasha was paired with Renee Dembowski, an expert in social media, and Joff Crabtree, a digital marketing expert. She accessed tailored one-to-one sessions and online webinars. “They’re really excellent advisors. I highly recommend them. Renee helped me establish what was important for digital marketing and showed me the analytics side of things. I really appreciated her calibre of support in that area. I wouldn’t have been able to get the information that I did if I didn’t have a one-to-one session.

“The webinars are also really good and I’ve implemented a lot of the lessons that were in them. They helped me to establish going in the right direction with my advertising when I am ready to invest some money in that.”

Reflecting on her Digital Solutions experience, Natasha says “Make sure you do your homework while in Digital Solutions. You’re going to be learning a lot and it’s easy to get bogged down and not try things out. So make a schedule and carve out time to do the hard yakka.”

Interested in the Digital Solutions program for your business? Learn more about it here.

Renee Dembowski

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