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“I’ve actually been in health, wellness and fitness for about 28 years so I’ve either seen it or done it. I’ve always been interested in food and exercise and also love teaching. I started out as a fitness instructor and I’m still teaching classes today. I wanted to do something as an add on to the exercise, so I got into coaching.”

Fiona Taylor is the owner of Choose Healthy in Perth, Western Australia. She joined the Digital Solutions program when she needed help with digital marketing and improving her customer acquisition strategies.

“In the last two years I’ve really gone all in on the business. It’s predominantly online, but I also do face to face events. I help women in their 40s, 50s and 60s change their relationship with food and exercise. To get their energy back without missing out and restrictions.

“In the beginning I thought I would just focus on nutrition as an extra for the exercise. But because I’m a teacher, I teach part time at a university, I thought no I’m actually interested in the why. How to really help people and it’s not just food and exercise.”

Sarah Thomson

Sarah Thomson, Digital Marketing Expert

13 December 2022

Fiona was paired with our advisor Sarah Thomson, a digital marketing expert, and completed three one-to-one advisory sessions online. “When I joined the program I really wanted to work with Sarah. I had met her previously and had participated in some of her free workshops. I thought she could really help me with digital marketing.”

During their one-to-one sessions, Fiona received insight into social media and pricing strategies. “Sarah’s very enthusiastic and she’s got a wealth of knowledge. She can give you great examples of the things that have worked and the things that haven’t. She gave me different ways I could approach my social media or look at my services.

“I think it was also talking out ideas, realising I’m on the right track, and gaining confidence with pricing, what I was offering and being consistent with digital marketing. It’s easy when you start out to just do a few posts on social media and you think no one’s taking any interest. You kind of give up, but you’ve just got to keep going. I’m quite an action taker, but I like to talk it out and then try to get on with it and see what I can achieve.

“She also helped me with pricing. You can’t go from a cheaper end product to a higher end product, you’ve got to have something in between. Especially when you’re still new, people need to get to know you. From working with Sarah I’ve realised I have a sweet spot in shorter programs.”

As a result of working with Sarah and learning new strategies, Fiona was able to connect with her customer base and convert them to clients. “I had a really big success. I had a session with her and I ended up having a complete sell out with an event, and then with an introductory program.”

Fiona’s favourite part of the program? “Being able to talk to someone who has the experience of actually running a business and not just someone who’s giving advice — they’re actually living the experience.”

Reflecting on her Digital Solutions experience Fiona says, “I’d highly recommend the program. It’s affordable and there’s just a wealth of experts that you can tap into.”

Interested in the Digital Solutions program for your business? Learn more about it here.

Sarah Thomson

ABOUT THE Digital Marketing Expert

Sarah Thomson

Online Social Butterfly Founder and CEO Sarah Thomson is a highly qualified and incredibly experienced expert in the digital marketing world.

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