Multicultural Professional Bridge

Multicultural Professional Bridge (MPB) advances the empowerment, capacity building, and vocational integration of people especially those of multicultural and migrant backgrounds enabling them to sustainably participate in socio-economic wellbeing and growth for themselves, their families and Australia.

4 October 2022

One of our challenges is ensuring sustainability of Multicultural Professional Bridge (MPB) as an ongoing viable business and potentially with a social entrepreneurship venture. Being a tenant of Business Station and recipient of advisory and support services has provided us with strategy that has enabled us to make significant progress in this direction.

Business Station has offered and delivered one to one advisory services and group workshops / webinars that have provided valuable insights and practical skills for developing and executing the required strategies for our sustainability. They have also followed-up to ensure ongoing updates and corrective actions.

Chief Operating Officer of MPB, Ephraim says “Firstly, they have taken the pain and intelligence to understand our vision and business goals. They have provided opportunities for business networking. They have also checked with us regularly to assist in helping us keep aligned with our goals. Thus, they provide additional and targeted assistance where applicable.”

Ephraim also comments that he would recommend Business Station because “Their knowledge of what works for small businesses and how they express this knowledge in their incubation, advisory and training services.”

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