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Ricky Hay is a qualified nutritionist and the founder of Natural Health Consultancy. He makes his own products including plant-based proteins and superfoods. One side of his business entails developing products and the other is to raise the brand’s media profile.

Sandra Tricoli

Sandra Tricoli, Public Relations

13 December 2022

After coming back to Australia from the UK, Ricky was feeling overwhelmed by which steps to take, however by engaging with the Digital Solutions program, he met advisor Sandra Tricoli. Through one-to-one advisory with Sandra, Ricky gained direction by learning the foundations and a roadmap for what to do with the media side of things as well as his online presence on Facebook and Instagram.

“I’m already talking to the media after six months of not, it gave me the confidence to do that and helped me re-focus to meet my goals. I was able to find media channels I didn’t use before for example radio which is really valuable” Ricky said on how the Digital Solutions program has helped him overcome previous challenges.

Touching on his experience working with Sandra, Ricky says: “It was great, she is very professional and did a terrific job conducting research for my business. I will definitely book in some more sessions with her in the future.”

On what he liked most about using Digital Solutions advisory, Ricky says that he didn’t know the program existed and finding out about it was fantastic, secondly was the focus he gained, sitting down with an expert to get advice really helped him get back on track.

It’s early days, however I have interviews lined up that will help with selling my products and connecting with international media will help generate profit.

Sandra Tricoli

ABOUT THE Public Relations

Sandra Tricoli

Sandra assists business owners to grow their business by providing skills, knowledge and experience across marketing, business planning and financial management.

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