Digital Solutions has helped thousands of small businesses enhance their digital skills to increase their sustainability and profitability. Author and Speaker Tracy-Lea Connor reached out to the Digital Solutions Program to help market her book to those who have suffered from Cancer Related Cognitive Impairment (Chemobrain).  Being a cancer survivor herself, she wanted to help those who are suffering from Chemobrain and raise awareness of this condition.

Sandra Tricoli

Sandra Tricoli, Public Relations

13 December 2022

Tracy required Digital Solutions assistance to market her book ‘Chemobrain: A Personal Story’ and help more people with this condition.

Tracy’s goals were to travel the world informing people of this relatively new information and increase support for people suffering from this condition; who would otherwise be ignored, develop anxiety or depression and increase the possibility of their cancer returning.

‘Having been out of the workforce since 2011, I knew nothing about online marketing, Canva, LinkedIn or Instagram. Chemobrain may keep learned skills intact but learning new skills felt impossible. The only way for the book to reach those who needed it most was to get help.’

Tracy found an online marketing course advertised by our Digital Solutions advisor Sarah Thomson; although sceptical whether she was going to be able to retain any of the information from the workshop, she felt that the low price meant that she didn’t have much to lose.

After being extremely impressed with the workshop, Tracy went on to book 1-to-1 consultations with Sarah to identify and quantify her needs and set clear goals for her business. Sarah then recommended suitable advisors in the Digital Solutions program to teach her other areas including copywriting, graphic design and public relations skills.

‘Forming the Digital Solutions team addressed the needs of building a website, populating it with relevant functions & marketing myself as an Author and Speaker. We were able to finalise the book cover, branding and logo using my resources but polishing the outcome using the team skills. We have set short, medium- and long-term marketing goals. ‘

Tracy-Lea Connor

Tracy believes that the success of her venture is due to the help of Digital Solutions and would recommend the program to any small business, she states that ‘The advisors available through Digital Solutions have the big business skills but know how to teach the small business person how to proactively use them.’

Sandra Tricoli

ABOUT THE Public Relations

Sandra Tricoli

Sandra assists business owners to grow their business by providing skills, knowledge and experience across marketing, business planning and financial management.

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