Pamela Millican

Pamela Millican is a mindset coach and empowerment strategist. “I’m all about changing someone’s perspectives because people keep themselves stuck firm by the faulty beliefs they gain as a child. I help people find out where they are right now. Why they’re still stuck there if they want to go somewhere else, if they want to do more, be more and have more. I help them get there.”

Pamela’s also a published author. Her book, Making Broken Beautiful shares her experience growing up in abject poverty in England. “I grew up in one of the worst government housing estates there was. Making Broken Beautiful is about growing up in that poverty being physically and sexually abused, and then totally abandoned by my whole family at 15 ½ years old when I came home to a completely empty house. Neither parent had wanted me and my story in Making Broken Beautiful is about how it doesn’t matter that I started there, that I was abandoned, I was beaten, I was abused, that nobody cared what happened to me after I’d been abandoned. It’s about using that adversity and trauma to say this is not going to be the most defining moment of my life and it will not shape me.”

Victoria Yuen

Victoria Yuen, Marketing Manager

13 December 2022

Pamela signed up for the Digital Solutions program to get help with social media and marketing. “I’m a brilliant coach, I get really good results, well brilliant results. What I’m rubbish at is marketing, getting my message out there, and knowing how to reach the people that need my help. I’ve spent an awful lot of money. Probably up to, if not more than $35,000 for people that put themselves out there as a marketing expert, or a branding expert, or a ‘help you get your message sorted out’ expert. One person I was paying $550 a week for 12 weeks, which at the time was more than I was earning. I still had no social media presence at the end.”

Pamela was paired with expert advisors Victoria Yuen (social media), Sarah Davis (marketing strategy) and Kelby Williams (financial analysis). Kelby was able to help Pamela review the prices of her coaching services, “I’ve put my prices up, so I gained pricing courage from that. I hadn’t put them up for years and years. Everything else goes up and you kind of get left behind. That’s about valuing myself and what I’m doing. Because there are so many coaches out there and many of them don’t have any qualifications, you’re up against it.”

Since working with Victoria, as well as through workshop and webinar learning, Pamela has changed her approach to using social media to promote her business. “I’ve changed the way that I put things on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, all the socials. I’ve changed the way that I write things, I understand there’s a difference between the people that are on Instagram and the people that are on TikTok, and to adjust what I’m doing accordingly. I think Victoria was amazing, she was super patient.”

Sarah was able to help Pamela refresh the design of her website. “Sarah’s remarkable. She’s so passionate, she wants to see you succeed. She made a massive impact on how I do and see things. My belief in myself that I can do this, I’ve just got to learn it a little bit more.”

The program has also helped Pamela make informed decisions when hiring contractors. “Digital Solutions, being a government funded program it’s trusted. I learnt more in the workshops and webinars, I tried to jump on everything because you offered such a variety – I couldn’t get enough of them. I learnt so much from all of it and now I’m working with another media team, I’ve got a better idea about it. Before, I was at the mercy of whoever said oh I can do that and I’d be like okay sounds good. It stopped me being so ignorant about the process.”

Reflecting on the program Pamela says, “It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done – if I could do it over and over again I would. The knowledge of the advisors and the way that they deliver it, how keen they are to help you understand it is just brilliant. It was $44, it’s a no brainer.”

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Victoria Yuen

ABOUT THE Marketing Manager

Victoria Yuen

Victoria Yuen is a Business Strategy and Insight expert. He is one of our Digital Solutions advisors.

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