In 2020, Ashleigh started working for QSERC – an ISO certification company based in Townsville, Queensland. Now the Operations Manager, Ashleigh is responsible for bookings, audit preparations, and marketing activities that include running the company’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Google My Business profile.

Ricky Clark

Ricky Clark, Ecommerce Marketing

13 December 2022

One of her goals for the Digital Solutions program was to build the business’ social media presence. Their Facebook page wasn’t being updated regularly, and she was unsure how to approach digital marketing. “I use social media in my day-to-day life but approaching it from a business perspective is another kettle of fish. The driving force behind signing up for the program was to develop our social media presence and to ensure that we were starting it in the right way that would suit our business’ needs.” She also wanted to improve the SEO of the website and their Google My Business profile which wasn’t being utilised to its full potential.

Ashleigh was paired with expert advisor Ricky Clark (ecommerce marketing). “I found Ricky really approachable, it was evident during our first session that he was doing his research as he gave us notes on our website before we even got to the end, I really appreciated that. It felt tailor-made to our business and was a great start to the course.”

During the program she also attended online workshops – “Ricky was able to recommend workshops that were aimed at achieving our intended goals.” Ashleigh also appreciated being able to access the workshops online. “The format was great for my schedule, I loved being able to join a Zoom meeting throughout the day and take notes at my own pace.”

Throughout the program, Ashleigh was able to learn about using social media for business and improve the SEO for Google My Business, as well as the SEO and user experience of the website.

Ashleigh reflects that the process of implementing changes has allowed her to think outside the box when finding new ways to share content and information with QSERC’s existing and potential clients through social media. “I would say to other businesses seeking advice on their social media or website to take advantage of the tools provided by the program. It’s a great initiative and has developed my skills both personally and professionally.”

She now uses the company’s social media to congratulate clients when they complete or maintain their certification, and to support their businesses by highlighting what they have to offer. Using the digital marketing skills learnt through the program has resulted in growth for QSERC’s social media following, and new clients reaching out to the company. “We’ve seen positive growth in our client base since implementing a stronger social media strategy. We’ve been able to engage with our current clients, as well as reaching potential clients through posting about ISO Certification.”

Updates made to the website also saw an improvement in the business’ Google ranking, with more people calling them as a result. “I’ve noticed we’re easier to find on Google, which in turn has seen potential clients contacting QSERC for information about ISO certification and how we can help them.”

In 2022, Ashleigh plans to continue growing the company’s LinkedIn following, posting regularly to social media, and continuing to work on SEO.

Interested in the Digital Solutions program for your business? Book a free 15-minute consultation with Ricky here.

Ricky Clark

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Ricky Clark

Ricky Clark is a digital marketer with 10+ years of experience working with small business and has specialist skills in SEO, Advertising and Ecommerce.

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