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After four years Steve, the owner of The iHelp Small Businesses Centre decided to come back out of retirement. His reason? Basically boredom. “I used to be a trouble-shooter, I’d go to businesses and fix them up. I moved to Rockhampton and did some work as a loss adjuster. I retired for four years and then got bored, I could just feel my mental and physical being withering away. So, I decided to use my brain and thought about what I love doing in my life – and that was saving businesses. I started up iHelp Business Coaching, which has now morphed into The iHelp Small Businesses Centre.” The iHelp Small Businesses Centre offers problem solving, advice and mentoring services.

Liam Fahey

Liam Fahey, Social Media Marketing

13 December 2022

Steve wanted to promote his business and reach clients online, but his lack of social media experience was holding him back. He signed up to our Digital Solutions program to learn best practices and to get support with understanding Facebook features. This included setting up Facebook pages, creating Facebook Ads and content, and scheduling posts.

Paired with Liam Fahey, a social media marketing expert, Steve attended one-to-one sessions and workshops. “Liam is very knowledgeable guy, and he can impart that knowledge quite easily to other people as well. So, because of this the learning aspect was quite easy.”

Reflecting on his favourite part of the program, Steve says it was “looking at the results and how good they were. I was having a reach of a very small amount, and then it multiplied by hundreds and hundreds of percent after I took Liam’s advice. So that worked well.”

Through the program, Steve has learnt strategies to keep his social media reach consistent. “Basically, I’m doing posts every day based on the criteria that Liam set. When I waver off, which I did at some stage, you see the results go down. So, the evidence is in the results.”

Steve’s next step for The iHelp Small Businesses Centre is creating a new website, which is currently in progress, and taking the business fully online.

Interested in the Digital Solutions program for your business? Book a free 15-minute consultation with Liam here.

Liam Fahey

ABOUT THE Social Media Marketing

Liam Fahey

Liam specialises in organic content creation and has been producing content for social media marketing for over 14 years.

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