Zero Point Networks

Zero Point Networks is an IT solutions provider. They provide managed IT services to small to medium businesses and non profit organisations. Some of their services include Internet Connectivity, IT Infrastructure Management and Cloud Services.

4 October 2022

The team at Zero Point Networks have strong technical skills, but were lacking in sales and marketing knowledge. As an incubator resident, Zero Point Networks have attended a number of Business Station workshops covering topics such as content writing, personal branding and brand exposure. These workshops have provided a framework they can now use to engage with potential customers based on their individual needs, rather than using a blanket approach and providing a list of services they can provide.

Zero Point Networks Director Russell, says “working with Business Station provides a professional environment that is conducive to productivity, and I’m surrounded by friendly and encouraging people (both staff and other residents).”

About whether they have achieved their goals, Russell says “I can’t say we have achieved our goals yet, but Business Station has offered advisory services to help with potential growth strategies. We no longer feel like our business is stalled and we know we have the support to achieve our goals!”

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